Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our House, Expo Park, Wildlife

Nearly everything is unpacked, with the exception of garage junk and a pile of miscellaneous goodies that Jason and I both are very good at ignoring.  We still have no living or dining room furniture, but our table should be delivered soon and once we find something we like, a couch too.

 Here's the townhouse we're renting in NE Denver area.

 The street we live on.  

 Our kitchen with lots of storage space!

 Living and Dining room with gas fireplace to divide the spaces.  

 Floppy wants nothing to do with having his picture taken.

This afternoon Jason and his friend Zach (who just moved here from VA too!) wanted to play frisbee golf so I went along for a run and a visit to a nearby Starbux to work on school stuff.  It's a really nice park, tons of people there enjoying it!  Although today was baking hot (mid to upper 90s), by the time 7pm rolled around, it was in the lower 80s and a nice breeze.  By now (11pm), it's already down to 71 so the windows are open for excellent sleeping weather!

 Expo Park

 Jason and Zach posing for a pic against their will.  They lost three frisbees to the ponds throughout the park, so I doubt they'll play there much anymore!

 J and I at the park.

On our way home from the park, we were driving on a fairly busy road when we saw a fox AND a wolf!  The fox was prancing along with a fresh kill in his mouth and the wolf was just walkin' the streets.  ODD!


  1. Love that you two have a blog!! What a great way to keep up with yall! (

  2. i love your place!! especially that big kitchen! how fabulous!